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  • Full Title : Diet Right for Your Personality Type: The Revolutionary 4-Week Weight-Loss Plan That Works for You
  • Autor: Jen Widerstrom
  • Print Length: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Harmony; 1 edition
  • Publication Date: February 7, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0451497988
  • ISBN-13: 978-0451497987
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Health and fitness expert Jen Widerstrom learned one important thing about weight-loss success through years of working with her clients and now contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser: when it comes to dieting, one size will never fit all.

In order for you to successfully lose weight, your diet plan needs to tap into your traits and tendencies as an individual. In Diet Right for Your Personality Type, Widerstrom introduces a revolutionary plan for maximizing weight loss and keeping the pounds off for good by adjusting your eating patterns, habits, and diet to best fit your personality. 

After all, understanding the ideal way to harness your personal strengths and navigate your roadblocks will help you effectively lose weight for the long term. Starting with a simple assessment, you’ll identify your dominant personality type: the Everyday Hero (very giving and always puts others first), the Rebel (free-spirited and noncommittal), the Organized Doer (the type-A personality who craves routine and rules), the Swinger (the adventurous type who follows the trendiest fads), or the Never-Ever (believes if the pants don’t fit, it’s time to buy bigger pants).

Once you’ve identified your personality type, you will be guided through a tailored four-week diet and fitness plan that works for you instead of against you. With meal plans, recipes, exercise routines, and more, losing weight and maintaining a lasting healthy lifestyle has never been this simple.


Editorial Reviews


“The most customizable weight-loss plan out there! Determining your personality type is key to achieving long-term results. Jen is what diet and fitness are about and what they should be about! Postive. Fun. Upbeat. Reliable. Effective. Enjoy this amazing book—I did!”
– Gunnar Peterson, C.S.C.S., celebrity trainer

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Jen for several years now on NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser. Jen knows that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to diet and exercise, and in her new book, she zeros in on what type of personality you have and matches a plan to fit that personality—expect maximum results!” – Bob Harper

“[A]n interesting way to approach losing weight…a plan not of different foods but of different dieting and exercise habits to adopt.” New York Times Book Review

About the Author

JEN WIDERSTROM is an industry leader committed to helping people understand and implement a holistic approach to health and wellness. She is the big hearted, undefeated trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, a former co-star on the American Gladiators and Daily Blast LIVE, and the global partner for SHAPE Activewear. She has her certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with an emphasis in behavior change, nutrition, balance and training. Widerstrom continues to use her platform to develop unique products that help her diehard following to live and achieve a healthy lifestyle.




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Flank Steak and Edamame with Wasabi Dressing



What Can I Eat Now?

Great Beginnings

Party Nibbles

Farm-Fresh Salads

Simple Soups and Sandwiches

Satisfying Suppers

Comfort Food Sides

Decadent Desserts

Nutritional Information

Metric Equivalents



On-the-Go Solutions


What Can I Eat Now?

Once you’ve been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, knowing what foods are good for you and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle is essential. In this chapter, Cooking Light and the American Diabetes Association give you smart principles for eating and living well, meal-planning advice, practical answers to everyday questions, and an easy-to-understand glossary of the top Power Foods for great health.

WHEN YOU EAT A MEAL, the levels of glucose in your blood naturally rise because of the sugars and starches in the food. In response to the elevated glucose, the pancreas secretes insulin, a hormone that tells the body’s cells to absorb the extra glucose. In type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that occurs most frequently in young people but can be diagnosed at any age, the cells that produce insulin are destroyed and the body stops or greatly reduces the amount of insulin produced. With type 1 diabetes, you must inject or pump insulin daily.

In type 2 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin, is unable to use insulin to adequately lower blood glucose, or both. Ninety to 95 percent of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. A healthy diet and physical activity are major components of successfully treating and managing type 2 diabetes. In addition, people with type 2 diabetes may take medications, including insulin, to lower blood glucose levels.

An eating plan that includes lean protein, fruits and vegetables, beans, healthy fats, and fat-free dairy foods—all of which are Power Foods—can help control blood glucose levels and help prevent or control other complications of diabetes, such as heart disease and eye, kidney, and nerve damage.

To get started with making healthful changes, work toward incorporating the following seven essentials for good health into your daily life. But remember to be patient with yourself. It takes time for changes to your lifestyle to become habits, so focus on achieving one objective at a time.

7 Rules for Healthy Living


Power Foods are natural foods that have not undergone excessive processing that removes fiber or other nutrients. Because of this, Power Foods are nutrient dense, meaning they are an excellent source of nutrients such as protein, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Once you know what the Power Foods are, they can form the foundation of meals you prepare at home as well as those you enjoy with family and friends away from home. As with all foods, enjoy Power Foods in serving sizes that fit into your personal eating plan.


Whole grains, beans, and sweet potatoes are all high-carb foods, but they are “smart carbs” because they contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that are beneficial to your health. “Smart carbs” are nourishing, high-carbohydrate foods that are whole foods or minimally processed.

As an example, ⅓ cup of brown rice has about the same amount of carbs and calories as ⅓ cup of white rice. But brown rice is a “smart carb” because it has more fiber and is rich in B vitamins and trace minerals contained in the outer hull, bran, and germ, which are removed when white rice is produced.

Other “smart carbs” include fresh fruits; whole grains such as oats, quinoa, and wild rice; and 100% whole-grain breads and pastas. Serving size is still important, even for “smart carbs”: check the serving size on the label for an exact measure.


Sugary foods, such as cakes, cookies, pies, and brownies, should be occasional treats when you have diabetes since they cause blood sugars to spike. In addition to sugar, desserts usually contain butter or oil as well as other carbohydrates from white flour, making them high-calorie, low-nutrient additions to your meal.

You should, of course, sometimes treat yourself to a slice of birthday cake or a piece of pie, but you’ll need to substitute the dessert for other carbohydrates in your meal. For example, if you are going to enjoy a slice of cake that has 30 grams of carbs, you’ll need to eliminate 30 grams of carbs from your dinner by skipping potatoes, rice, or other starches and grains to make room for the cake.

If sugars were only in desserts, it would be easy to track them, but they are also in many processed foods. Check labels on tomato sauce and pasta sauce, baked beans, frozen dinners, flavored instant oatmeal, flavored yogurt, and non-dairy milk (like soy milk).
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Crazy-Delicious Seafood Corn Chowder

Slow-Cookin’ BBQ Chicken

Chunky Veggie Pumpkin Chili

Pump-Up-the-Jam Cocktail Weenies

Dan-Good Cioppino

Turkey Mushroom Surprise

Slow-Cookin’ Mexican Chicken

Glaze-of-Glory Candied Carrots

EZ as 1-2-3-Alarm Turkey Chili

Sweet-Hot Steak Bites

Hungry Chick Chunky Soup

Chapter 9 Things That Go Blend

Slush-Puppy Pineapple Lemonade

Pretty-in-Pink Slushie Drink

Cherry Lemonade Super-Slushie

Cool ’n Creamy Fruit Soup

Creamy Dreamy Portabella Soup

Peachy-Keen Black Bean Soup

Creamy Caramelized Onion Bisque

Chilla in Vanilla Milkshake

Chocolate-Covered-Cherries Freeze

Slurpable Split Shake

Pumpkin-licious Nog

Toffee Crush Coffee Shake

Make-Mine-Mint Cookie-rific Ice Cream Freeze

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Mud Pie in the Sky

Chapter 10 Speedy Sweeties

Apple Shakers

Dessert Island Parfait

Super-Simple Apple-Cinnamon Dessert Crepes

Big Black-and-White Berry Parfait

Gimme S’more Sundae

Caramel Swirl Cream Puffs

Oatmeal Raisin Softies

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Softies

Upside-Down Personal Key Lime Pies

Hot Fudge ’n Brownie Blitz

Upside-Down Pineapple Crush

That’s Hazel-NUTS! Cocoa Supreme

Scoopable Creamsicle Crush Pie

Chapter 11 EZ & Crowd-Pleasy

Oven-Baked Omelette Lasagna

Perfect Pumpkin Bread

Fruity Bruschetta

Exploding Chicken Taquitos

Tomato Bacon Tarts

Corndog Millionaire Muffins

Fiesta Bites

Yumbo Gumbo

Sloppy Franks

Holy Moly Cannoli Cones

Jammin’ Tarts

Frosted Apple Pie Cupcakes

Chapter 12 Fun with���Broccoli Cole Slaw

Sweet ’n Chunky Turkey Slaw

Bacon Ranch Broccoli Slaw

Teriyaki Shrimp ’n Slaw Stir-Fry

BBQ Chicken Slaw

Saucy Pasta Swap

Mmmmm Moo Shu Chicken

Turkey & Veggie Meatloaf Minis

Greek Chicken Salad Slaw

Hawaiian Slaw

Chapter 12½ Fun with…French Toast

French-Toasted Waffles

Cinnamon French Toast Bowl-a-rama

The Big Apple French Toast Casserole

Super-Cheesy Ham-Stuffed French Toast

Cannoli-Stuffed French Toast Nuggets

Overstuffed Peanut Butter ’n Banana French Toast

Pumpkin Cheesecake French Toast Bites

Jammed with Cheese Stuffed French Toast

Bonus Section Hot Couples!


Starring…Rice Cakes

Starring…Pudding Snacks

Starring…Laughing Cow Light

Starring…Frozen Fruit

Starring…Frozen Broccoli & Cheese Sauce

Starring…Broccoli Cole Slaw

Fast Food Combos

Dessert Duos

Protein-Packed Pairs

Breakfast Twosomes


Photographic Insert


Even though this book is filled with SIMPLE recipes, it was anything but easy to put together. The following people deserve credit, along with me, for helping put it together and for helping to make Hungry Girl so successful:

To the HG Editorial & Production Staff…

Jamie Goldberg—You bleed PINK. Your endless hard work and dedication to Hungry Girl are appreciated more than any existing words can express. I’m toying with the idea of making some up (or just choreographing an expressive interpretive dance). Thank you times infinity.

Alison Kreuch—Thank you for being you. You’re a bundle of energy and pretty much the Tasmanian Devil of the marketing & advertising world. (And I truly mean that in the best way possible.)

Lynn Bettencourt—You’ve been a tremendous asset to HG for more than three years now. Hope there are many more to come. Oh, and…CHICKEN!!!

Lisa Friedman—Friedman, you’re solid. And super-reliable. Thank you for ALWAYS being levelheaded, organized, and super-duper-nice.

Dana DeRuyck—You are AWESOME and talented and incredibly valued. Your energy always brightens up the HG HQ. You rule!

Callie Pegadiotes—We’re glad you found us in San Diego. LOVE having you as part of the team. Thank you for everything you do.

Jennifer Curtis—You STILL live too far away. Would you move already so you can work with us full-time? Pretty please…with Fat Free Reddi-wip on top?!

Lisa Foiles—You’re a Photoshop whiz. Thanks for making our emails beauteous and for the super-fast, fantastic work. Wish you were here with us in L.A.

Adam Feinsilver—You’re a video guru. Plain and simple. Thanks for bringing HG to life on the monitor. And for the silly fun at the office.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Hodson—It was extremely sad to lose you (the FIRST HG employee) as an official HG staffer in 2009. We miss you. You know you ALWAYS have an open invite to come back. Thank you for staying on as the official HG book designer and for helping to
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to six times a day and exercise in moderation.

Eating cleanly will change the relationship you have with food. You’ll come to understand that fueling your body with the kinds of food that it’s meant to eat creates vibrant good health with no feelings of deprivation or fatigue. Clean Eating is meant to be sustainable in the long term, so it’s important to approach it from a practical standpoint. You won’t be shooting for perfection in all of your choices, just a genuine commitment to better health and eating what nurtures and nourishes your body. You can certainly have a treat every once in a while, such as a piece of dark chocolate or even a small slice of birthday cake with friends. But after enjoying a bounty of healthful choices, you might find that sweets and salty snacks just aren’t as tempting as they used to be.


Diets, and weight loss in particular, are big business, because even though scientific research points to food as the key to good health, people are getting fatter and weight-related chronic diseases are on the rise. There have been many strange fad diets on the health scene over the years—ones that promote eating only cabbage soup, grapefruit, or even fast food, for example. The concept of Clean Eating emerged as an alternative to these trendy nutrition disasters, and it has remained a logical choice for many people seeking a healthier life.

The concept of eating cleanly is definitely not new; it’s only new on the popular radar. Many people never heard of Clean Eating before Tosca Reno, a Canadian fitness model, started promoting it in her line of popular books. The compelling story of her journey from frumpy housewife to sculpted health guru made Clean Eating sexy and exciting. Who wouldn’t want to experience such a spectacular, positive life change?

Reno’s Clean Eating book series catapulted the diet into the spotlight, but this healthful eating strategy actually has its roots in the 1960s and 1970s in the natural whole-foods revolution that promoted unprocessed (and ideally organic) foods. Chemically altered and processed foods proliferated in the supermarket aisles, and the natural food movement was born to oppose the “faux food” pushed by corporations. The Clean Eating philosophy of those who strove to eat natural foods started to make sense to more and more people when obesity rates began skyrocketing and weight-related diseases became widespread.

Seeking a healthier life for themselves and their families, an increasing number of consumers started rejecting processed foods, refined ingredients, sugar, saturated fats, and foods with little or no nutritional value. Clean Eating enthusiasts such as Tosca Reno have devised a simple, logical eating blueprint, and fans have embraced it with commitment and great success. Clean Eating isn’t a fad diet; it’s the simple concept of fueling your body with wholesome, nutritious foods.


Although eating cleanly seems like a common sense strategy for a healthier, more energized lifestyle, there are people who criticize the concept or the essential rules of the plan. Some critics feel that it’s impossible to eat cleanly because the food available today is intrinsically “unclean” even when produced organically. This might be the case, but in the end, taking steps to eat mindfully—as realistically clean as possible—is what Clean Eating is all about. Experts can’t dismiss the basic principles of Clean Eating because most of the current research on nutrition supports its strategies, at least in part. Almost without exception, nutrition and weight-loss experts endorse Clean Eating ‘s central guidelines:

Eat small meals every two to three hours: Eating cleanly at regular intervals cuts the risk of snacking because it keeps your blood sugar level from dropping too low. You have fewer cravings and less chance of binge eating on harmful foods (Hyman 2012). It’s important to fit these small meals into your routine as conveniently as possible and to eat healthful foods whenever you’re hungry. Use your best judgment.

Never skip a meal, and always carry Clean Eating foods with you: This will help you maintain a stable blood sugar level and avoid snacking on the wrong foods (Hyman 2012). A hectic schedule can make it difficult to find wholesome food on the go, but bringing the bounty with you makes it easy to eat healthfully and stay the course.

Watch portion sizes: Many people have no idea what a correct portion size looks like, and their perceptions are significantly distorted by the huge portions served in U.S. restaurants (WebMD 2012). The Clean Eating plan is based on good portion sizing rather than calorie-counting, giving you an effective way to control the amount of food you eat.

Consume good fats, limit saturated fats, and avoid trans fats: Many diets completely exclude fat
article about health, grill food, stew recipe, coffee grounds, thai food menu,
ments such as soft mushy rice, roti or pitta bread pieces and protein-rich quinoa to make the meals more filling. This worked really well as it meant Aaliyah could enjoy her stage 2 recipes for a little longer.

IMPORTANT: do not feed your little one any recipes earlier than their recommended start age.

So it’s fine to ‘spice up’, as your baby’s palate will already be used to a little more spice, but not necessarily the other way around.

Cooking Technique

In my family, traditional Indian home-cooking (more often than not) involves throwing all of the ingredients in the same pot to bubble away until tender – spices, vegetables and meat.

While this is great for one-pot meals (less dishes to wash!), it does mean that some of the nutrients can be lost from over-cooking the vegetables. This is something I was particularly conscious of, especially when I was reading about ‘feeding your baby a rainbow’ of fruits and vegetables and how important it is to maintain these nutrients for baby. So to keep Aaliyah’s rainbow bright, I altered my cooking technique to ensure I maintained as many nutrients as possible, steaming the fruits and vegetables separately and adding them to the meal at the end. You’ll notice this as you start rustling up some of my recipes.

About the Recipes – No added Salt, Sugar or Chillies!

Choose from yummy vegetable, meat or fish curries, desserts and finger foods as your little one graduates from one feeding stage and on to the next. Some are traditional Indian recipes with a twist such as my scrumptious ‘Sweet Potato, Apple and Dhal Curry’ (see here). Others are inspired by World cuisine but with an Indian twist, such as my mouth-watering ‘Indian Vegetable Paella’ (see here), ‘Playdate Pizza Pitta Fingers’ (see here) and a twist on the British classic ‘Desi Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Tuna’ (see here); all guaranteed to leave your little one with a very full and satisfied tummy.

Feeding Baby New Meals – What to Expect

I know how exciting (and also frustrating) offering new meals to baby can be. Enthusiastically I’d cook up a storm in the kitchen and when Aaliyah’s meal was ready, I’d put her in her high chair (armed with bib), spoon-feed her her first mouthful and wait for her response; like a contestant on MasterChef waiting for the judge’s approval.

In my experience, I found her initial responses to be quite extreme. She either loved her meal, straightaway gobbling up the whole bowlful, or she’d push the food out with her tongue. When she did this I felt really disheartened, thinking “oh no, what if I’m a terrible cook and she can’t tell me!”

As time went on, I realised although she appeared not to enjoy some meals, when I offered them to her again either later the same day or another day, she devoured the whole bowl. As she had already experienced the initial taste, both the taste and texture were not a surprise to her anymore.

Now Aaliyah eats almost everything and loves her food, which is great for family meal times and for holidays away from home. In fact, she is very enthusiastic about trying new types of food, which is amazing and a huge relief for me. I like to think in her mind:

food from mummy = yummy food for me to eat

So stay strong and persevere! If your little one rejects some of the meals you have prepared either using your own recipes, or from using recipes in this cookery book, offer the meals again at another time as she may develop a taste for it later, whether it be a week or months’ time. In fact, you may have to offer it up to 15 times before she accepts it!

Following the food spitting, turning away from food and spoon pushing, rest assured that all recipes have now been approved and awarded gold stars by my little Princess Aaliyah, and her little friends – the toughest of all food critics.

Super Spices

‘Super Spices’, although they have been used for medicinal purposes and general well-being across different cultures for generations, is a term awarded to culinary spices by researchers due to their remarkable health-promoting properties and potent antioxidant levels. This is a concept supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). After examining antioxidant activity of specific foods, fruits, vegetables and spices amongst others, they found culinary spices such as cloves, cinnamon and turmeric are bursting with powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants that have an even higher level than some of the more popular Super Foods such as blueberries and avocados, as you’ll see in the pyramid here.

Consuming antioxidants is massively important for our health to protect our bodies against free radical cell damage. Free radicals are unstable, highly reactive molecules triggered by pollution, pesticides in food, alcohol, smoking and excess fat consumption, causing serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis later in life.

Super Spices al


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