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The Art of Salsa Cooking: Salsa Recipes for You: eBook: azw3

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  • Full Title: The Art of Salsa Cooking: Salsa Recipes for You
  • Autor: Heston Brown
  • Print Length: 71 pages
  • Publisher: 
  • Publication Date: April 21, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: B07QZS1QYG
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  • Download File Format | Size: azw3 | 3,22 Mb

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Let’s talk about Salsa.

Salsa recipes make extensive use of raw ingredients, but of course, you can also use cooked ingredients. To enhance the taste, spices and dips are used. These are not all; Salsa recipes also feature tomatoes, cilantro, chilies, lime juice and more.

This is a lot of information to process, isn’t it? Well, there is no rush because this book can be yours. It is a perfect buy for you if you want to be an expert in making Salsa recipes.

This book features more than 30 sumptuous salsa recipes. The best part of this is that every salsa offers something different in taste and health benefit. And you will find out that making each recipe as easy as it can be because the instructions that are written alongside them are easy to follow.

The following are some of the recipes you will find in the book:

* Mango and Peach Salsa Recipes
* Avocado Salsa Recipes
* Tomato Salsa Recipes
* Corn Salsa Recipes
* Salsa Verde Recipes

There are more recipes, and they are there inside the pages of this book, waiting for you to discover them. Grab a copy of this book and do exactly that.

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